I am Naryana Muthry; I work as an attendant at a Sulabh Shouchalaya at “Namma cheluva Kannada Nadu”. That is Kannada for “My beautiful Karnataka”. I believe sincere work brings godliness to you and hence go by “Narayana” as given name (Narayana means “God”) . My last name like most indians represent my trade ( Muthry is toilet attendant). I am a sun of soil and serve lot of people in Karnataka with no self interest or deceit. Recently someone told me that my contribution to land and people is more than that of some of the presidential candidates being discussed now. These people told me to contest for Prez and promised all help. But when I want to compete, all that they got me was this lousy blog :-)… So my catch line is if Murthy can be why not muthry????


One Response to About

  1. Sandhya says:

    hilarious intro!:) nice, humourous style of writing!

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