Numbers are wrong Mr Kurien!!!

Mr Kurien,

You defended Wipro saying your company did 5 million cab pickups every year and hence you should not be judged on one “Prathibha” episode. You forgot the name of your employee. You forgot the processes.. and you also gave wrong figures.

Believing 5 million is true.. it comes to 136000 rides every day and assuming that your company has 60000 employees, it means every employee is ferried every day in car..

False.. I do not think that figure is correct. Employees pay above market rates for Bus services and most of them use bus. ..Company hires cab only when employees overstay on company’s work. Typically a most busy center like bangalore had only around 400 drops every night as per most reliable data we have.

Many times employees have complained on shoddy quality of these cab drivers company hires. But Kurien wants more return on his stock option he plays the devil.

Jyothi stayed back for company’s work and hence missed/did not use company bus. So is it not company’s responsibility to provide a decent mode of transportation back to her residence? I am sure Kurien does not even know the law.. Indian Factory act 1948 stipulates that employee safe return to house within one hour after office/factory. “Kuriyaana” s can be booked for negligence.


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