One more life and Nasscom sleeps..

I hear that one more life was stubbed because of carelessness of yet another BPO/IT company. This time it is neighbour of Sikkapatte Important Company. A young woman was raped and murdered by transporter for the BPO Wipro-Spectramind in Pune.

When the attrition sky rocketed– Sick people at Nasscom asked the employees to shell out money so that a national skill registry database could be created!!!. Ostensible reason was to provide protection for genuine candidates from people with bloated resumes.. But real reason was to hold the employees at ransom by colluding with all the employers and holding employee record on lock so that murthy type angadis could continue their relentless exploitation.

Where is Nasscom now? Why are they not maintaining a National Kill Registry? In US it is customary for companies to do a background check on all the service staff. Why are IT companies not doing it for service staff? Why are they not starting a National Registry for its staff and vendors akin to National Skill Registry.. Is not Nasscom exposed on its doublespeak.


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