Angadiyalli Atanka

Fax Received in PDF format

Murthy Angady received the much feared fax today. The text of the fax can be read from the pdf link provided. It is interesting to see that honorable senators pointing out that number of H1Bs applied from Murthy Angadi to be around 5000. However , the data from the department of labor puts that figure to be in excess of 20000.
Perhaps Murthy Angadi does rotation of H1Bs as alleged by programmers guild. That explains the mismatch in figures. 5000 is the number of new visas for year 2006 and around 15000 is the number of transfers done by Murthy Angadi in year 2006.

Now let me give an analysis.

Is INFY an H1B dependent employer?

INFY will exploit the loophole- The law stipulates that anyone who has more than 15% of its staff on H1B to be H1B dependent employer. The law is not clear if the staff to be considered is global staff of only staff based out of America. Infy will smartly answer this question taking help of liberal number of India based employees in the denominator and show that total number of H1B to staff ratio for Infy is less than 10% .. i.e 5000 H1B for a global staff strength of 50000. What Infy would not mention is almost entire US staff is on H1B and hence technically Infy would have been H1B dependent.

Average Wages Paid

Average wages bordering 55000 USD may look respectable.. But Infy hides the facts. What senator should insist is hourly wages.. INFY gives a 10 day vacation whereas typical American employers give around 20 days in vacation and sick leave. Also there is an unsubstantiated rumor that the salary quoted by INFY includes statutory contributions it makes for PF in India. So technically whatever salary INFY quotes is atleast 10% more than it actully pays.

Other questions are cake walk for INFY.

What senators should have asked..
What is the Income tax paid by INFY in India and in US?
What portion of these taxes are payroll taxes?

Murthy would have sung National Anthem then.



6 Responses to Angadiyalli Atanka

  1. New Address for “Infinite Greed”

    This is what Muthry has been blogging. Infinite Greed has shifted from Redmond to Bangalore..

  2. Thyampanna Shettru says:

    Great blog. Keep exposing these twofaced liars.

    Why don’t you also write on the employee stock options infy had and how they broke what promise to their employees? Many people are not aware that Infy has never released all the stock options offered (issued prior to 1999) to its employees even after the lock-period citing some silly tax excuses. I guess, phaneesh murthy tried to contest it and nothing happened. If Infy is a company ‘driven by values’ as it claims, it should have released all the stock options after the five years of lock-period instead of withholding a portion of it.

    Infy certainly has a few skeletons in their….

    Muthry acknowleges..

    I agree.. But I have difficulty in getting public data for this..

  3. Doddi Buddi says:

    Jana gana mana
    Narayana Jaya hey
    Bharatha bhagya vidhatha!

  4. Doddi Buddi says:

    Please write on these employee stock options! I sense a major scam here behind the virtuous idol 🙂

  5. Ron says:

    for a report about subsidies provided by chandigarh govt by providing subsidized land to infoaya, wipro, see

  6. Why says:

    Infosys employees are also of the privileged classes. They have benefitted from all these. Can a big number of them be unhappy with HR and Infosys in general ? Seemingly so.

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