Nationalizm and genes — Nay.!!!

Sunaad is blogging here that Nationalizm seems to be in the gene.

I disagree. Nationalizm is an acquired characteristic and hence it can not be inherited. The concept of Nationalizm etc are passed by parents to child in the formative years and that way every person is a prisoner to his father.

In case of India, biggest change what we generation have to do to undo years of cultural programming of giving respect to anything that is ancient is to start dismantling the notions about conformity. If we feel that Gandhi family has screwed up this country let us raise our voice unlike what our parents did. If we feel that godmen need to be brought to book, let us stop visiting them unlike our parents did. Let us not be afraid to ask questions. Let us be scientific tempered.

Indians are not programmed to genuflect in front of whites. We are programmed to genuflect in front of anyone who has had the fortune of taking us for ride.

We glorify mughals and forget their misdeed
We glorify manu and forget the racial overtones in Manusmrithi
We glorify every king queen and slave who screwed our ancestors.
We glorify every custom,scarecrow, charm from yesteryears.

Glorification of British is a symptom of this larger malaise and not cause of our low esteem.
Only way to acheive self esteem is through scientific temper. Coz, Scientific inquiry improve the IQ of individual and then of the society. Our polity should strike where there is biggest bang for the buck.

Make every child of India think with scientific temper, reject the old value system that should be real vision 2020!!


2 Responses to Nationalizm and genes — Nay.!!!

  1. Doddi Buddi says:

    Muthry Saar

    I am with you 200%. Please write to me.

  2. andry says:

    VckePo comment5 ,

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