Response to Nikhil from Churumuri


If NRN were a votary of “Marketplace Nationalism” he could have made himself unavailable to his own grandiose plans to plant himself in Rashtrapathi Bhavan. The talk started in strait times on April 3rd 2007 that NRN wanted to contest presidential elections. Marketplace Nationalist in NRN could have clarified to the world about his aim being white house instead of rastrapathi bhavan as part of this Marketplace Nationalism.

It is possible for one to have alternate view on nationalism. But NRNs comment on TV showed none of that. NRN never had what Jagadish Bhagwathi is advising . For example, Jagdish Bhagwathi has been a vocal advocate for paying your taxes. In fact he is on record to have asked for dual taxation for dual citizens!!!. (Refer this link)
My grouse is why does not NRN pay taxes? Why is he cheating poor in India of their land, Indian tax machinery its taxes, Educated Indians their due wage. Do not try to put an aura around NRN. He is just a reckless profiteer and his hollowness comes out often with these kind of statements.

Regarding the statements from Patil, I agree Patil is no saint. But in democracy each one needs to be there. When a business man who profited immensely at India’s expense forgets the sacrifice the country men have done for him, he has to be threatened with deportation.

It is another matter , that NRN will fight nail and tooth any deportation. Because he wants to eat free and it is possible only in India. He knows that very well .. that explains why the minority interest on INFY balance sheet is negative. I do not know any other company that has such peculiar accounting.

I have done enough analysis on NRN’s nefarious schemes at

Do not forget to read the latest blog on tax issues at INFY here .
It will make your blood boil because you know the taxation in US.


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