Muthry clarifies Murthy’s apology

After the fiasco that National Anthem would embarrass foreigners in India, Murthy tried to eat his foot again with following clarification.

Well as a clean up guy! I, muthry feel that this statement needs some clean up.

Let me take up the first statement.

We have always kept the interest of India foremost in our minds and our work speaks for itself.

Yes, Work spoke for itself. Murthy’s infy fudged tax figures and claimed that it was paying tax!!

We are a proud Indian company, with strong universal ethos of transparency, accountability and honesty.

Infy is an Indian company because of honesty, accountability.. transparency.. oh my goodness. Infy is Indian because it does not have to pay a penny in taxes in India. Had it been American he would be paying 30% of his income in taxes!!!. Murthy you are getting benefited by claiming Indianness. India is not getting a penny from your pocket. So why make it a big issue!!!


One Response to Muthry clarifies Murthy’s apology

  1. Doddi Buddi says:

    I am sure they will end up behind bars for a white-collar crime!

    I wonder how the hell have they managed to get this far? May be that explains Muthry’s sudden ambitious foray into C-in-C of Indian Armed Forces–that way he thinks he can hold all cards:)

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