Muthry clarifies – INFY is the H1B spoilsport

I recently got this email from a friend in Seattle.

I am reproducing the mail below.




After the H1B fiasco the discussion is once again on if H1B is good for America or not. H1B proponents like Bill Gates say H1B helps America attract talent. But those who are working on H1Bs always complain that they are paid slave wages and Americans who lost their job to an H1B point out that H1B is attracting slaves and not talent.

Now the H1B quota is exhausted, predictably Microsoft would make more noises in Washington on need to increase the cap on H1B. Microsoft as you know is the largest beneficiary of H1B ( Wait on this till I finish my mail)
Bill Gates routinely begs the congress to increase the H1B cap and presents to congress the data that H1Bs in Microsoft are paid significantly above market salaries. So the argument in favor of H1B cap increase would be like this. Microsoft filed largest number of H1B petitions this year and Microsoft paid salaries above the market rate. So there is no truth in the statement that H1B is exploitative.

Now it is open secret that INFY sucked blood of developers at client site and is involved in massive undercutting of wages. But how come INFY never comes up in the radar. Till recently DOL did not publish the data on H1Bs but now the data from whole year is available for any type of analysis you would like to do. You can get the 800 MB sized data file from here. There is also a web site which provides the analysis using a web hosted application. All the while I used to rely on this web application to understand the H1B dynamics. But today I decided to run some queries on the data myself and what I discovered is startling, there is a flaw in reporting. When you say Microsoft is the largest petitioner you are correct. Compared to Microsoft’s 4000 odd petitions INFY filed around 1000 petitions and hence is not significant user of H1B. That is why Murthy probably never gets called to Congress. But dig further in the data. You see that INFY typically files a single application for hundreds if not tens of programmers. Single application reduces the filing cost for INFY and also may be another strategy of INFY to stay below the radar. If you add up the number of beneficiaries for all the 1000 odd applications INFY filed the number came to .. hold your breath.. 22567 H1B .. Compare this to 4471 H1B from Microsoft.

Yes. INFY is the largest beneficiary of H1B and INFY gets never called to congress because in terms of number of petitions they are not in top 5. Another of Murthy’s tricks to cheat the system.


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