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January 26, 2008

If you read the constitution of india you know that constitution prohibits titles such as Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan and so on. The intent was to do away with British custom of sycophancy. Not only constitution prohibits State from giving title, it also prohibits Indian citizens from accepting titles from other countries. (Remember Dilip Kumar and Nishan E Pakistan ). But somehow Indian State does not want to eat its own dog food!!!. Just after independence when chacha tried to subvert this by getting Azad to accept “Bharatratna” , azad steadfastly refused it. But chachaji’s chelas succeeded Azad in accepting the title posthumously!!! But these days I am told not only State is doling out titles , but it has also instituted a process to seek nominations from our new rulers!!! ( E.g. Pondicherry government’s committee for selecting nomination for “Padma” awards consists entirely of political class except for vice chancellor of pondicherry university !!) .

This year we have also enhanced the scope of constitution to include citizens of the world. There are so many “padma”s that have gone to foreigners.
This fills my heart with joy. I am so close to achieving dream of my teacher. My teacher, while I was in primary school wanted either a Nobel prize or an Olympic Medal as guru dakshina. Since my south asian physique does not stand a chance at Olympics and since Nobel committee strictly requests the nominations to be kept secret I feel I have no chance at both of those places. But definitely I will take a crack at Bharath Ratna in coming years. Since I am now outside India, I feel my chances are better.

As A first step, I tried to seek information on nomination process from horses ( donkey’s) mouth. I called sahukarru who happens to be on in Padma list.

Sahukarru’s secretary picked up the phone.
Here is the conversation.

Secretary: Hello, This is Rai Bahadur’s secretary
Me: ( Wondering I had the wrong number …was dumb for some time..) Um…. I am sorry .. I have the wrong number ..sorry maam.

I rang up again…
secretary: Hello, This is Rai Bahadur’s secretary
Me: ( Cursed AT&T .. ) Sorry Maam .. wrong number again.

I hung up and called again…
secretary:Hello, This is Rai Bahadur sahukarru’s secretary.
Me: Um.. Can I speak to sahukarru ( I did not know that Sikkapatte Important Company’s Sahukarru had started sharing his secretary with another gentleman named Rai Bahadur..may be it is the austerity after Rupee appreciation against dollar )
secretary: Yes You can speak to Rai Bahadur Sahukarru.
Me: No maam. I want to speak only to Sahukarru. I have no business with Rai Bahadur.
secretary: No!!. You should not show disrespect to my master. You should address him as Rai Bahadur Sahukarru from Jan 26th 2008.
( I looked at watch .. it was 11:56 pm on Jan 25, 2008 )
Me: It is only Jan 25.
secretary: No probably you are in US time zone.. Not only we have created a level playing field we are now ahead of you.. So my master has to be called Rai Bahadur Sahukarru..
( At this point I decided to relent..)
Me: Okay can I speak to Rai Bahadur Sahukarru?
secretary: Sure. Hang on.
(after some time)

Sahukarru: How many acres?
Me: What?
Sahukarru: Oh I am sorry I thought it was Karnataka Government on the phone..
Me: Never mind.. I wanted to congratulate you on your Padma award. So how does it feel to be a Padma Sahukarru?
Sahukarru: No.. I do not want you to call me Padma Sahukarru ? Call me Rai Bahadur Sahukarru
Me: Rai Bahadur? Did you change name.. Can I call you Padma Rai Bahadur Sahukarru?
Sahukarru: Negative. Padma and Rai Bahadur mean the same.
Me: What?
Sahukarru: My company is global company.. I have many Englishmen working for me. When they ruled India , their second highest award was Rai Bahadur. They do not know about Padma and they feel ashamed and out of place if we use that term… So to make them feel at home.. I have decided to use Rai Bahadur as my title instead of Padma.

I passed out..


Numbers are wrong Mr Kurien!!!

November 6, 2007

Mr Kurien,

You defended Wipro saying your company did 5 million cab pickups every year and hence you should not be judged on one “Prathibha” episode. You forgot the name of your employee. You forgot the processes.. and you also gave wrong figures.

Believing 5 million is true.. it comes to 136000 rides every day and assuming that your company has 60000 employees, it means every employee is ferried every day in car..

False.. I do not think that figure is correct. Employees pay above market rates for Bus services and most of them use bus. ..Company hires cab only when employees overstay on company’s work. Typically a most busy center like bangalore had only around 400 drops every night as per most reliable data we have.

Many times employees have complained on shoddy quality of these cab drivers company hires. But Kurien wants more return on his stock option he plays the devil.

Jyothi stayed back for company’s work and hence missed/did not use company bus. So is it not company’s responsibility to provide a decent mode of transportation back to her residence? I am sure Kurien does not even know the law.. Indian Factory act 1948 stipulates that employee safe return to house within one hour after office/factory. “Kuriyaana” s can be booked for negligence.

One more life and Nasscom sleeps..

November 4, 2007

I hear that one more life was stubbed because of carelessness of yet another BPO/IT company. This time it is neighbour of Sikkapatte Important Company. A young woman was raped and murdered by transporter for the BPO Wipro-Spectramind in Pune.

When the attrition sky rocketed– Sick people at Nasscom asked the employees to shell out money so that a national skill registry database could be created!!!. Ostensible reason was to provide protection for genuine candidates from people with bloated resumes.. But real reason was to hold the employees at ransom by colluding with all the employers and holding employee record on lock so that murthy type angadis could continue their relentless exploitation.

Where is Nasscom now? Why are they not maintaining a National Kill Registry? In US it is customary for companies to do a background check on all the service staff. Why are IT companies not doing it for service staff? Why are they not starting a National Registry for its staff and vendors akin to National Skill Registry.. Is not Nasscom exposed on its doublespeak.

Nasscom Reply is full of holes

May 31, 2007

I am commenting on the recent reply to American Senators by NASSCOM, nodal body of software companies in India . The press report on the reply is here.

Nasscom’s press release is hosted here

Predictably Nasscom replied in the nick of time. Senator wanted reply to questions by 29th of May. Nasscom not only replied when the clock struck 12 on 29th May .. but actually replied on 30th May in India..( there is time lag of 12 hours between India and US )

A copy of the letter sent by senators to one of the companies accused of fraud is here

Now back to what NASSCOM was asked and what NASSCOM supplied.

NASSCOM/ Companies were asked to provide Data on four counts namely NUMBER, WAGES, OUTSOURCING and LAYOFFs. There were 8 questions on NUMBER, 2 each on WAGES and OUTSOURCING, and 4 on LAYOFFs.

NASSCOM reply does not seem to have answered any of the questions raised by senators. I have already commented that it is a familiar tactic. If your doctor asks your temperature, you reply that your neighbor weighed 200 pounds.. What kind of logic is this.

Following are fatal flaws in NASSCOM reply

1) Pointing out that US universities applied for 20000 H1Bs last year.. US universities are cap exempt. So why does NASSCOM want to compare cap subject visas used by NASSCOM members with cap exempt visas. It gives a feeling that NASSCOM wants to downplay the visa figures used by its members. – First flaw in NASSCOM reply is that it is comparing apples and oranges

2) Claiming contribution done by H1B immigrants as its own. Remember HIBs are treated like dirt by these Indian Companies. Ron Hira has provided much more detailed analysis on labor arbitrage and short sightedness of these companies.

3) Downplaying Visa figures at one part of reply and Extrapolating Visa figure at another part of the reply. At one part the reply NASSCOM says that the cap for visas is 65000 and no more than 80% of is available for business because 20% of it is taken by US universities. Based on that figure, there should be only 52000 visas and hence fraud prevention fee collected should amount to 52000*500 = 26 million usds. ( fraud prevention fee is 500 USD per application)

However in later half of the reply NASSCOM boasts that about 300 mil USDs amounts to fraud prevention fees the businesses pay .. making it appear as though a pot of money is transferred to Uncle Sam because of these companies.

To arrive at the this new figure obviously NASSCOM has used a different number for H1Bs issued per year. Since H1B transfers are treated as separate but cap exempt applications, number of H1Bs and L1s approved last year if both cap subject and cap exempt visas are considered was actually around 600000. And figure of 300 mil was arrived probably by multiplying 600000 with 500 USD fraud fee per application.
Clearly this is akin to using different figure as and when it suited NASSCOM. .. or a fraud in reply..What more you can expect from a fraudster?

NASSCOM has done more damage to its own cause by doing these deliberate misrepresentations.

I will expose another fraud of mind boggling proportions perpetrated by NASSCOM later some times.. Meanwhile feel free to share this with others

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Angadiyalli Atanka

May 15, 2007

Fax Received in PDF format

Murthy Angady received the much feared fax today. The text of the fax can be read from the pdf link provided. It is interesting to see that honorable senators pointing out that number of H1Bs applied from Murthy Angadi to be around 5000. However , the data from the department of labor puts that figure to be in excess of 20000.
Perhaps Murthy Angadi does rotation of H1Bs as alleged by programmers guild. That explains the mismatch in figures. 5000 is the number of new visas for year 2006 and around 15000 is the number of transfers done by Murthy Angadi in year 2006.

Now let me give an analysis.

Is INFY an H1B dependent employer?

INFY will exploit the loophole- The law stipulates that anyone who has more than 15% of its staff on H1B to be H1B dependent employer. The law is not clear if the staff to be considered is global staff of only staff based out of America. Infy will smartly answer this question taking help of liberal number of India based employees in the denominator and show that total number of H1B to staff ratio for Infy is less than 10% .. i.e 5000 H1B for a global staff strength of 50000. What Infy would not mention is almost entire US staff is on H1B and hence technically Infy would have been H1B dependent.

Average Wages Paid

Average wages bordering 55000 USD may look respectable.. But Infy hides the facts. What senator should insist is hourly wages.. INFY gives a 10 day vacation whereas typical American employers give around 20 days in vacation and sick leave. Also there is an unsubstantiated rumor that the salary quoted by INFY includes statutory contributions it makes for PF in India. So technically whatever salary INFY quotes is atleast 10% more than it actully pays.

Other questions are cake walk for INFY.

What senators should have asked..
What is the Income tax paid by INFY in India and in US?
What portion of these taxes are payroll taxes?

Murthy would have sung National Anthem then.


Vista Installation in two minutes!!

May 2, 2007

The video below gives instructions on how to install vista real fast….

INFY Tax Clarification

April 27, 2007

For sometime I had posted a query here on correctness of INFY when it classified US payroll taxes as Income tax in India.

I got some clarifications from a friend.  This friend in turn got the clarification from some tax expert

Here is the crux of the matter.

  • Payroll taxes are mandatory deductions
  • These are redeemable only when a person stays in US for 10 years or more

and Here is what INFY would argue,

  • INFY employees go to US only on short term
  • INFY employees comeback after the assignment and hence payroll taxes are not redeemed by employee and are lost forever- Thus payroll taxes are more like a tax on INFY rather than a PF contributions which are owned by employee

Well that perhaps explains how INFY can get away. I see a good reasoning here.

But my original query still remains..

AmEricAdalli tax kottidakke , MurthygaLu Indiadalli YAke hArAdOdu!!